Memorial Day weekend = riding, riding, riding

Well, I just finished my massive mileage Memorial Day weekend and I’m definitely shredded. I rode 72 on Saturday at a rally in Burleson, 76 on Sunday and 60 today.

This is definitely my biggest weekend ever. I barely rode two days in a row before this. I was doing a lot of work, but I usually cross-trained between hard cycling workouts, so I didn’t do a lot of back-to-back riding. That works great for keeping me fresh, but it’s something I had to fix if I’m going to ride six days straight in the Rockies.

Things went well, although I still think all I’m doing is getting myself ready for a flat, hot, humid ride at sea level. I just can’t duplicate the altitude or the mountains (or maybe even cold??) down here in North Texas, so I’m not going to worry about it.

Anyway, fewer than three weeks left until Ride the Rockies. I have one more relatively big-volume weekend, and then it’s downhill until the uphills start.


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