Day 6: We did it

Today’s ride was pretty anticlimactic. We slept in a little later but still hit the road before 9. The ride was all on the Rio Grande Bicycle Trail from Aspen down to Glenwood Springs.

We stopped at both aid stations — Basalt and Carbondale — and basically took our time. On the trail, I rode alone for the first 20 miles or so and then rode the rest of the way in with my buddy Kevin, who wasn’t in the mood to go slow and enjoy the last day.

Finish in Glenwood Springs.

Finish in Glenwood Springs.

It took us about two hours, including rest stops, and then we headed home. All in all, it was good to get back to showers and beds and no lines, but I almost immediately began to miss the great outdoors.

One fun note: Earlier today, according to his Twitter feed, Levi Leipheimer climbed Independence Pass (from the harder side, out of Aspen) with Astana teammate Chris Horner. It was cool that they stood at the same summit we had.

6 days, 380 miles. Everything feels good. Now, I can say I’m a real cyclist.


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