Collect audio with your iPhone. Really!

In my continuing efforts to make digital media as easy as possible for our overworked journalists …

I tried recording some audio on my iPhone during a ride last night, and it came out OK. And this was done without a headset. I’ll try that next.

I used Voice Memos, which is standard in the latest (3.0) OS upgrade. It’s very simple — just open the app, push the red button to record and the silver button to stop. You can watch elapsed time at the top of the screen.


I held the phone to my ear just as if I were making a call. But you should experiment with distance, and the headset when practical. My audio might be a bit hot, which means holding it away might be better.

When you finish (1 minute of audio was 4MB, so keep the clips short), just hit the silver button again and you can e-mail the file under “share.”


The files are .m4a, but you can use any audio editing program to convert them to .mp3 files.

It’s not the greatest quality, but it will work fine for recording quick raw audio or for brief interviews at a breaking news scene.


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