Training plan: How to become a multiplatform journalist

The Star-Telegram is making another run at some training sessions designed to help our reporters and editors make the transition to the new digital media world. Here is a tentative list of the subjects we plan to cover. We’re working on the “curriculum” now.

Lesson one: Digital distribution

Did you know that our print edition and website are only two of the ways our content is distributed to the world? We’ll run down all the platforms we currently use and show you how they work and how your content looks on them.

Lesson two: Twitter makes you smarter

In many ways, it’s much easier to be a journalist these days, thanks to free, easy tools that allow us to reach out for the news, and the readers. We’ll discuss which Twitter feeds and blogs to follow, introduce you to other platforms such as Tumblr and FourSquare and show you how to use these tools to tell stories in new and exciting ways.

Lesson three: A 24/7 worldview

Do you think you’re finished when you file your story for print? Your readers don’t. We offer some suggestions on prioritizing your busy days and tips on how to dip your toe into the churning waters of the never-ending news cycle.

Lesson four: Multimedia made simple

Would you be surprised to learn that the most-watched video on our website in 2010 was a 30-second clip shot by a reporter holding a point-and-shoot camcorder? It’s true, and you can do it, too. Let’s talk photo and video 101, including tips on using your phone or Flip camera and how you can have some fun with visuals.

Lesson five: Going mobile

Did you know that you can file a blog post using your smart phone? Did you know that a skyrocketing number of people are reading our stories on their phone or tablet? Did you know that most media companies are responding to this change by exploring new ways of storytelling specifically for mobile devices? We’ll hit the high points of this latest digital revolution and offer suggestions on how you can get involved.


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