What exactly is a multi-platform journalist?

You are a multi-platform journalist at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram if you ….

  1. Can name at least three distribution channels for our content beyond print. (iPhone and Android apps, mobile sites, full web site, Kindle, S-T Twitter accounts, S-T Facebook accounts, daily e-mail news update, blogs, live chats, etc.)
  2. View our content on a mobile device at least once a day.
  3. Follow the main Star-Telegram Twitter account, at the very least.
  4. Know how to shoot and export photos and/or video with your mobile phone or a point-and-shoot camcorder.
  5. Understand the two most important rules of getting your good content noticed on the web: Write strong headlines and link out to relevant, related content.
  6. Understand that writing for the web is generally different from writing for print. Web stories are organic – they change shape throughout the day and must be tended and updated when appropriate. They are interactive, they include related links and media, and they are generally shorter or broken up into sections.

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