Audio projects? Nah. Let’s go straight to the video

Latest in a series of quick posts for print journalists still trying to make the digital transition:

We recently had a brief discussion about whether to use a new audio storytelling tool to create geo-targeted audio-only projects.

But, let’s face it, there are really only two cases in which audio posted to a newspaper website works:

  1. Underneath a well-done slideshow.
  2. From an original source, such as 911 calls.

Otherwise, it’s just not worth the bother. We’re not NPR and we don’t have trained radio voices, so any audio-only productions are going to fall short. That’s the honest truth.

Reporters, go ahead and record your interviews, of course. You never know when someone might say something that we want to post. And photographers, it’s time to learn how to collect and edit good audio, including nat sound, for your slideshows.

But otherwise, everyone should just skip straight to the video and photography lessons. A busy person who is already behind the curve can only learn so much.


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