Under the hood: A very basic look at operating systems and apps

I used Keynote on my iPad to create a rudimentary chart designed to show the major mobile operating systems, as a way to explain our various distribution channels. The big three OS makers (sorry Linux, Symbian, RIM, and so on) each have two operating systems — one for desktop and laptop computers and one for mobile devices (phones, tablets, iPods). Google’s Chrome OS isn’t due out until later in 2011.

The important takeaway for Star-Telegram journalists: Each of these mobile operating systems has its own development rules, which means we (or, more specifically, the vendor chosen by our parent company) have to build a separate app for each one. As of right now, we don’t have an app for Windows Phone 7. Our Android app should be in the Android Marketplace very soon, if it’s not already.

To make it more complicated, our iPhone app works on an iPad, but it’s not optimized for the larger screen. We are working, again with our parent company, to create an app specifically for the iPad.

Of course, our mobile site (m.star-telegram.com) works on any smartphone, via the browser.


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