How to post high-quality video to with your iPhone

The latest generation of Apple’s iPhones (meaning the iPhone 4 and the new 4S) capture high-quality photos and videos that, under the right conditions, will look dynamite on our website. (The video below was shot with an iPhone 4.)

The trick is to get the video out of your phone and onto our site without losing too much of the quality. We’re not a TV station, of course, but still, poor quality videos look unprofessional and will drive away viewers.

Here’s the best way to get good video files to us: 

  1. Turn your phone horizontal when shooting.
  2. Hold the phone as still as you can.
  3. Look for the best possible lighting situations. Dark shoots = dark photos and video.
  4. Keep your video clips at 30 to 60 seconds if possible. UPDATE: If you know you’re going to be filing via 3G, such as from the scene, 10- to 15-sec clips are much better. We recently were unable to upload a 50-second video via 3G.
  5. Use apps to edit your media (Photoshop Express for photos/iMovie for videos)
  6. For the best quality, find a WiFi connection rather than 3G.
  7. Email your photos to online-all. Choose “Actual Size.”
  8. If you can find WiFi, upload your video to YouTube rather than emailing. The quality will be much better.
  9. Choose “Send to YouTube” and choose HD for the quality (must be on WiFi). Please email me and I will give you the credentials for the S-T YouTube account. If you upload to our account, we can download it at the highest quality and then upload to our site.
Note: Of course, in a breaking news situation, when speed trumps quality, just email the files to us. We can almost always work with what you’ve got.

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