Sarah Huffstetler learns digital journalism in a week

The Star-Telegram’s AME/Design won a fellowship to the Knight Digital Media Center’s January Digital Storytelling Workshop. I collected some of her tips, via Twitter, and her final video.

Below are her posts through Day 3, via Storify. More tips, from Day 4.

  1. @shuffstetler: for visuals, being there is 97%
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 17:22:30
  2. Mobile: Being there is 51%. Technique is 46%. Gear is 2%. #fwstnext #kdmcinfo
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 17:16:55
  3. Love your experiments as if you would an ugly child. This is how you learn, and ultimately get better.#fwstnext #kdmcinfo
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 15:08:16
  4. Video tip: No matter what the subject is, you need a tight, medium, wide shot. #fwstnext #kdmcinfo
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 14:48:19
  5. Video tip: Let your moments unfold as long you can before hitting stop. Count to ten.#fwstnext #kdmcinfo
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 14:45:23
  6. RT @KDMCinfo How users read on the web #KDMCinfo #fwstnext
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 13:22:32
  7. What kind of value have you added for your audience? Maps? Links? People arrive at your website with a goal in mind. #fwstnext #kdmcinfo
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 12:49:09
  8. Readers want to construct a unique experience #fwstnext #kdmcinfo
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 12:24:09
  9. RT @SLTribMMA: New tools allow journalists to create new formats and make new rules – Eric Newton #KDMCinfo
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 12:19:51
  10. A full day of visual storytelling today at #kdmcinfo, including mobile techniques and tools.#fwstnext
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 11:43:05
  11. North Gate Hall. Old building, beautiful character (and light).#KDMCinfo
    Tue, Jan 10 2012 11:32:30
  12. Google maps and more #kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 19:31:41
  13. Find the source on your beat who builds GIS-data. Is a thumbdrive part of your tool kit? Always be ready to receive data files. #kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 15:48:43
  14. I will punch the next person who asks for a 3D chart.#kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 15:08:15
  15. Editors and reporters: Use this to speak our language.
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 14:42:17
  16. RT shuffstetler: PIe charts suck. Difficult for the brain, multiple colors, clunky legends. Bar chart much better. #kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 14:36:33
  17. PIe charts suck. Difficult for the brain, multiple colors, clunky legends. Bar chart much better. #kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 14:35:44
  18. Amen, sister. RT @shuffstetler: Let graphics, online staff know before you dump bunch of data. Better you plan, better it will be. #kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 14:35:25
  19. RT @KDMCinfo: Digital Storytelling Wkshp Day2/Data: Make a thumbdrive part of your tool kit so you’re always ready to receive data files #kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 14:33:40
  20. Let your graphic and online staff know before you dump a bunch of date on them. The better you plan, the better it will be. #kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 14:33:24
  21. Google Refine pretty cool tool for reporters and data nerds. Your graphic artist will love you for it. #kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 14:10:00
  22. RT @KDMCinfo: Watch yesterday’s #KDMCinfo keynote presentation by @BMitch, formerly of @Poynter
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 14:08:23
  23. Google Refine for understanding large sets of data.#kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 13:35:10
  24. WordPress basics and posting video. Mine is better than yours.#kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 13:10:25
  25. Data day#kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 11:56:24
  26. Does anyone tell stories with data better than Bloomberg? Learning from their interactive storytelling strategist today.#kdmcinfo
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 11:03:10
  27. I have storyboarded my entire career, just didnt know what it was called.@kdmcinfo
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 20:02:35
  28. Best thing I have done professionally. I wish everyone could do this. I have ideas…can’t wait.
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 19:58:32
  29. @shuffstetler I’m checking Twitter every 5 minutes to see if you’ve posted. It’s like seeing a digital journo blossom before my very eyes.
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 19:55:48
  30. Good video is at least 51% sound. #kdmcinfo
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 19:06:20
  31. Action and strong visuals in your video’s opening draw people in.#kdmcinfo
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 19:05:18
  32. RT @KDMCinfo: The best possible camera, is the one you have with you when news happens … #kdmcinfo
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 17:18:34
  33. Story of Neda’s Death Reveals 7 Elements of Next-Step Journalism | Poynter.:… via @AddThis
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 17:17:18
  34. RT @KDMCinfo: Links and resources from @BMitch’s talk today can be found here: #KDMCinfo
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 17:07:28
  35. How can journalism serve communities in new ways?#kdmcinfo
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 16:53:03
  36. Next up: Bill Mitchell, formerly of The Poynter Institute, on the future of news.#kdmcinfo
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 16:31:23
  37. Hey @shuffstetler, make sure you use the #KDMCinfo hashtag when tweeting this week. Cheers!
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 16:15:31
  38. 1 RT @shuffstetler: @KDMCinfo All of these talented journalists in the same room. This week will be magical. #KDMCinfo
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 16:14:36
  39. @KDMCinfo All of these talented journalists in the same room. This week will be magical.
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 16:14:00
  40. Intent of the workshop is to inspire @kdmc
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 15:54:21
  41. It begins @kdmcinfo
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 15:48:16
  42. Not the oldest@kdmc
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 15:23:42
  43. “@znmeb: A New Year’s Wish – Journalism curmudgeons, please get over it! | Knight Digital Media Center
    Sun, Jan 08 2012 13:47:46

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