Steve Wilson’s accessories to improve your iPhone video

Colleague Steve Wilson, whose work with the iPhone video camera was referenced in a previous post, shares his list of accessories:

Mini video kit for iPhone

“I have a little mini video kit for my iPhone that I now carry with me that reporters might find useful.

It all fits in a small bag that I keep in my desk.

The “How to Make the Nellie Cruz cutout” was shot with my iPhone using this mini tripod.

In the “Cookie Challenge” video, I used my iPhone on the same mini tripod head, but mounted on a full-sized tripod. I also used the Lavalier microphone for the sound.” 

Thanks, Steve. Just ordered the tripod and the adapter.

This spring, we will see an updated iPhone mic from Blue, a manufacturer of high-quality microphones. It might be worth waiting for.

Also, I’ve tried this tripod for iPhone. It could be good in certain situations, but I didn’t find it practical for daily use because it’s too difficult to detach the tripod from the case. Plus, I don’t like cases on my phone.


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