5 things to know about … apps for your iPhone

Apple says there are more than 500,000 apps in the iOS app store.

I’m going to focus on just five here. These are the suggested “must-have” apps for Star-Telegram journalists, for both the iPhone and iPad.

(Another post will list some specific iPad must-haves.)

1. Star-Telegram iPhone app. Built for iPhone but works on iPad. Our only iPad app at the moment is the Star-Telegram e-edition, which costs $7.95 a month or an extra $2 if you already have a print subscription. (It’s a great way to read the paper!)

2. Twitter. The best free app is Twitter’s own. The best paid app is Osfoora. (In my opinion, of course.)

3. Facebook. I recommend using Facebook’s own app.

4. Meebo, an instant messaging client that works with your Google apps (Gmail) account.

5. Photoshop Express, a quick way to crop and adjust photos shot with your phone.

Some specialized apps, depending on your beat and needs:

iMovie, for video shooters.

TypePad, for bloggers.

CoveritLive, for chatters.

Dropbox, to access files anywhere (if you have an account).

Evernote, to keep and categorize notes (if you have an account).

— The Voice Memos (audio recording) and Notes (quick note-taking) apps come with the phone and work very well.

Please share your favorite apps by posting in the comments section. 


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