Five things series … How to get started on Twitter

“I’m ready to get started using Twitter. What do I do?”

If that’s your question, this blog post is your answer.

1. Set up your Twitter account. If you already have one, go back in and add a photo (no default eggs, please) and update your bio. Include a link to the page on our website that best features your content.

2. Go to the Star-Telegram on Twitter list and follow your colleagues. Many of these folks have mastered Twitter, and you’d be surprised what you can learn just by watching what they do.

3. Pull up in a browser tab, sign in, and check your feed once an hour. This is the best way to keep up with what others are reporting.

4. Re-Tweet (RT) a post you find interesting. For extra credit, add a few words of your own.

5. Check out these great tutorials, including several from your colleagues:


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